Authentic Maasai Village Camping Experience

Maasai Village Camping Experience & Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Maasai Village Camping Tour
Oserok Trips welcomes you to the Maasai Village for Overnight Experience.
Authentic Maasai Village Camping Experience is one of Maasai Tour Package In Tanzania with maximum experience of Maasai life style and culture which includes overnight.
Maasai village called Kambi ya chokaa,  it’s an authentic village founded by local Maasai tribe.
We start in the morning from Moshi heading to the Hot spring,  It’s takes nearly 1 hour and half from Moshi to the Kikuletwa hot springs, road take us through beautiful landscape. You’ll enjoy baobab trees, Acacia trees and sugar cane plantation on the way to the hot springs knows as (Kikuletwa hot springs) for a swim in natural pool, You will have a picnic there after your swimming.
In the early afternoon we will leave the Kikuletwa hot springs and continue to the (Maasai Boma) for the night, which are near to the Kikuletwa area, It’s take approximately of 25 minutes from the Hot spring to the Maasai Boma, Once we arrive there , you’ll have a opportunity to walk around the Maasai village and watching the Maasai cattles and sunset, I will assist you and explain you about my/our Maasai culture. The Maasai warriors and women will welcome you with the traditional songs, dance and jumping and you will join them and dance together,   we’ll camping there and enjoy the good moment of the full moon and bonfire in the night with the Maasai family, Early in the morning after breakfast will say goodbye to the village and drive back to Moshi.
Why Should You Book this Authentic Maasai Village Camping Experience tour?
This tour will take you to two unique places. One is an authentic Maasai Boma in the village called ‘Kambi ya Chokaa’, the other is the Kikuletwa Hotsprings, a natural pool of brilliantly clear turquoise water that attracts travelers from all over the world. On top of this, our guests get to overnight at the Maasai Boma, immersing themselves in the indigenous tribal culture of the Maasai. The tour start from Moshi at 9am head to Kikuletwa hot springs, The road takes 1hour and half to get to the hot springs and spend some hours then late afternoon we leave the Kikuletwa and head to the Maasai Boma Overnight it’s almost 25 minutes from Kikuletwa spring water to the Masai boma. The next day after breakfast our clients leave the village around 10am back to Moshi which is around 2hours to get to Moshi were is our trip will be finished and say goodbye to our clients and welcome them back in the future again.
1>$280 person
2>$150 pp
3>$145 pp
4>$130 pp
5>$110 pp
 This Tour Includes:-
  • English speaking Guide
    Private transport
    Lunch box first day, Dinner and breakfast at the Maasai Boma
    All entry fee for the Hot spring
    Maasai village entry
    Chef Cook salary
    Pure drink water
    Camping (tents)
    B & B (barbecue)
Authentic Maasai Village Camping Experience

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