Maasai Cultural Day Tour


Maasai Cultural Tour in Tanzania

Alpha runs authentic Maasai cultural exchange tours to Maasai village in Kambi Ya Chukka, an area roughly half way between Moshi and Arusha. Activities

  • Visit a traditional boma (maasai home)
  • Accompany a young warrior (Morane) as has he takes the cattle to pasture.
  • Milk cows with the mamas.
  • Make traditional maasai jewelry while learning about it’s uses.
  • Learning about maasai medicines and how they are made from local plants and trees.
  • Participate in a maasai dancing ceremony.
  • Participate in or just watch a traditional goats sacrifice.
  • Test Maasai tea, (Chai)

These tours offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the Maasai culture, experience a day in the life of a Maasai, and understand the complex history and issues surrounding the Maasai community today.

Once you arrive, you will walk across the vast dry plains to Alpha’s village. As you walk you will pass the cattle herders who are leaving to walk the cattle for the day and Alpha will explain to you some history and information about Maasai culture and community.

Following your introduction you will take some time to settle in one of the huts where you will have lunch. You’ll have an opportunity to ask any burning questions and further discuss maasai culture. You will also be treated to some local maasai chai tea, some of the best chai you’ll have ever had.
After you’re done you’ll head outside again where you’ll be invited to watch and join in a traditional Maasai dance and song.

Pre-trip notes:

This Maasai Cultural Day Tour involves travel to a authentic Maasai. Reflective of this, it is very isolated and remote in location. There are no toilet facilities in the village as the local community there usually walk to toilet in a large crater 2 km from their village. Reflective of this be aware that if you do need to go to the toilet once you are there this will most likely involve a bush pee behind a large rock which might be confronting to some guests. So make sure to make necessary arrangements before you depart (bringing a roll of toilet paper can be handy!). Also as the village is very remote and does not have access to any main roads there is a considerable amount of walking involved. Make sure you will be physically prepared for at least 1.5 hours of walking in a very hot Tanzanian sun (though this can be done as slow and leisurely as necessary). Make sure to bring your hat, sunscreen, good walking shoes, plenty of water, and for those of us who benefit an occasional sugar boost, some snacks.

Questions and bookings:

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a booking, go to the contact page for further information.


The day begins by meeting Alpha at the Union Cafe in Moshi Town (however, if needed Alpha can arrange to meet you at your hotel). From here, together you take a private car. Along the way you will see the true Tanzanian country side pass you by. From your window you will see twisting rivers, lush green farms, and small rural towns. It will take you approximately 1 hour and a half to arrive.

2 – 4USD $ 135
5 – 6USD $ 105
More than 6USD $ 85

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