Our Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

We accept your bookings under the following terms and conditions:
  1. By transferring 30% of the total amount as a confirmation amount. After receipt Oserok Trips will send you a confirmation of this which also serves as the final confirmation. The other 70% has to be paid in cash in US dollars when arriving in Tanzania. A representative of Oserok Trips shall collect this amount and will hand over a receipt. OR
  2.  By transferring the total amount of the trip to our bank account after discussion of the trip and confirmation. When received will send you a scanned receipt showing the total amount paid.
    Note: Most banks are able to transfer money straight into our account, but it depends on your type of bank.


  • You can cancel your holiday until 4 weeks before leaving. In case of a (down) payment Oserok Trips  will make a restitution refund of this amount less the transferring costs.
  •  When canceling at less than 4 weeks before leaving, the total down payment-amount (20%) will be withheld. In case of full payment 80% will be refunded.
  •  When not showing up at the date of departure without letting Oserok Trips  know first, total payment will be withheld.


Please note: These payment and cancellation conditions are in general terms. In individual cases or in special circumstances Oserok Trips  reserves the right to amend or cancel these conditions.
Any question regarding to our payments, terms and conditions, please without any hesitation E-mail us.

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