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Tanzania Excursion options

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Tanzania Excursion options

Why Tanzania?

You can be asking yourself about Tanzania excursion options available. As a local Tanzania travel experts, we can tell you proudly that, Tanzania is a truly unique country and a fantastic holiday destination!
It has an extremely diverse fauna and flora, actually one of the most diverse in Africa, and is therefore a paradise for nature lovers.
Its landscape is magnificent, too, offering everything from snow-capped dormant volcanoes, the Great Rift Valley, Ngorongoro Crater, vast plains like the Serengeti, the Maasai Steppe, Lake Victoria as Africa’s biggest lake and Lake Tanganyika as Africa’s deepest lake, and last but not least the beautiful long coast on the Indian Ocean with its coral-white, sandy beaches.

Why Safari? 

Going on safari is a wonderful and for most people also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although you can easily get addicted to it!
Your chances of seeing the famous “Big Five” (buffalo, rhino, lion, lepoard and elephant) on a 4- or 5-day safari through the Tanzanian National Parks and Conservation Areas are very high.
Spending at least one night in or just outside a National Park is also an adventurous and most romantic experience, be it in a tent or in a luxury lodge with the wild animals walking around your accommodation and all the new and strange noises of the wilderness at night.

Why day trips? 

Day trips are an excellent and inexpensive way to explore Tanzania near your accommodation, because they are generally no more than a two-hour drive away.
They are also a great activity before or after climbing Kilimanjaro, going on safari or before travelling on to Zanzibar.

Why Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro mountain is very special and spectacular, because it is the highest free-standing mountain not only in Africa, but in the world!
You can climb up to its snow-covered peak within six or seven days, starting in the tropical rain forest on its slopes and ending on the icy and snow-covered Kibo peak , 5895 metres above sea level.
A real adventure and an achievement you will be proud of!

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