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Oserok Trips was started in 2016 following Alpha’s completion of his Tour Guide Certificate. The different day trips runs private tours for individuals or groups in the Kilimanjaro region. Oserok Trips  is one of East Africa’s  safari companies offering best Tanzania Day Tours and Multi-day tours. We own and operate our outstanding safaris in the remotest corner of Tanzania.

Oserok Trips is a 100% solely owned by Tanzanians.

We are proud to present about Who we are and what we do…!

With your loyalty and support, we believe Oserok Trips will be the best tour company in Tanzania to provide good private custom made tour services. We exist to protect pristine wilderness areas and the flora and fauna. We believe that in protecting those areas is a good way to share these wild areas with tourists from all over the world and for the future generation, while at the same time helping to ensure the future protection of Africa’s spectacular wildlife heritage and sharing the benefits of tourism with local communities.

Oserok Trips offers the most exciting, personal and reliable tours through Tanzania. We are experts in the field of Tanzania wildlife Safaris, Mountain climbing and trekking, Mountain Biking tours, Beach holidays and cultural tours that are safe and comfortable.

Choose from one of our many itineraries or create your own personal safari. Whatever you may require we will strive to provide. Oserok Trips will run each tour and make sure it is great success and unforgettable in the life time.

We offer the Tanzania private guided tours, fully organized packages and individual tours on request. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website then please feel free to propose your adventure and let us know and we will do what you want, also we will advise you.


My name is Alpha, the CEO of Oserok Trips, I grew up in a Maasai village in a area called Longido within the Arusha region. I attended a local school until form 2 when I had to drop out of school as my family could not afford to pay for my school fees (public education in Tanzania was not free). After this, I spent time herding cattle with my family before then staying with friends in Moshi and selling peanuts in order to try and save some money for my family.


During this time I met a couple from Finland, Ville and Carita who after befriending me agreed to sponsor my education. After this time, I then lived in an apartment supported by Ville and Carita and was able to attain my college education. I am so very grateful for their help and how they have enabled my education. Having finished my college certificate at Kilimanjaro Institute of Technology, I began my own business “Oserok Trips”

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